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Vilverum Fae by SHininMysticice
Vilverum Fae
A Friends Pathfinder character. Hes a lawful-evil, drow, rogue.
I made the pencil drawing and rough color for this ages ago but I just recently got to polishing it a bit. I got mixed feedback for the weird left leg(which is suppose to be braking a window with the knee in a dynamic way) but the owner of the character said its ok so I didn't change it before coloring.
I made the pencil drawing at the start of our campaign so he doesn't really wearing any gear except the black cloak and the black goggles he had from the start although I did draw a little polished mask on his belt since like me he chose Norborger as his characters god. 
Gondar - The Bounty Hunter by SHininMysticice
Gondar - The Bounty Hunter
My favorite DotA 1 champion and still one of may favorites in DotA 2. I don't really play him a lot any more since  his easy to counter and there are some champions he simply cant kill but every time I do I enjoy him a lot.
Corbin Forbanne by SHininMysticice
Corbin Forbanne
3d Zbrush model for a figurine of my Pathfinder character. I gave it to a friend to try and print it, I honestly have no idea if the model is made well enough for printing, but I had fun making it and now I have a 3d model of my character.

I play a neutral alignment, tiefling, evil cleric(death, trickery domains) serving Norborger(the reaper of reputation mostly but I'm pretty greedy so the gray master is fine as well). I play him as a necromancer who doesn't consider raising the dead an evil thing since: "I doubt the dead mind and no one cares if the dead fall in battle". In my original "concept drawing of him he had a short sword on his belt(since it is Norborgers favorite weapon) and was wearing a skull mask(as is customary for the servants of norborger) but the I thought it was to much to add to a model intended for a small figurine.
Finally uploaded the new deviant id I finished 2 months ago but wanted to upload it at the same time as another finished piece but since Ive gathered another 20 unfinished drawings stack I decided to post it alone.I'm probably going to upload a lot to my scrapbook again soon


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